Natives vs Europeans Essay

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At one point in history, several nations of Europe became the most powerful and dominant nations of the world. The main thing which was on the minds of these major nations were superiority and although they tried many things to increase their power and dominance, they all relied on one aspect which was colonization. Colonization is known as the forming of a settlement or colony by a group of people who seek to take control of territories or countries. Colonization may involve dominating the original inhabitants of the area, known as the indigenous population, it may also lead to territorial expansion as well as economic and political success . this colonization brought the Europeans wealth and power, but something more important also emerged from this colonisation which the Europeans did not think about in the beginning – the birth of many different cultures, people and identities. The natives were believed to be colonized by the Europeans in the year 1840 ad this is one of the most successful ‘discoveries’ of the White Americans. But what happened to the indigenous? What was the cause of the white Americans’ to the West? It is believed that Portugal was the one responsible for the spark of interest in exploration and expansion in Europe. Initially, Europeans were longing to find a new route way to Asia due to the Turks capturing Constantinople in 1453 which meant that there were heavy taxes put on the trades which the Europeans (mainly Florence and Genoa) conducted. Many attempts were made to find a cheaper route to Asia – most failed. Although Henry the Navigator never sailed on a voyage of exploration, his work made voyages to and European colonization of other countries possible. Prince Henry founded a special school for navigation in 1421, at this school new and more accurate charts and instruments were made in top-secret conditions. As he knew that Asia could

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