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Natives and Newcomers Essay

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  • on November 21, 2013
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Critical Book Review Natives And Newcomers

The book Natives and Newcomer, Canada’s Heroic age Reconsidered by Bruce G. Trigger gives insight to the relationship between the Natives of North America and European settlers after first contact in the early sixteenth century. Throughout the book, Trigger examines how these early relationships progress and ultimately shapes the development of the New France colony. Intended to be “ a re-examination of the framework within which the whole of Canadian history be reconsidered” (p. xi) as stated by the author, Trigger tries to make the case that eastern North America was molded by the interactions between Natives and Europeans. Trigger also informs that to truly understand and appreciate the nature of these interactions, findings from fields other than history should be considered. Topic’s reviewed include the Indian image in Canadian history, findings from other disciplines, European approach and contact, the nature of Indian and European trade, the impact of integration and New France. Trigger’s foremost theme is the relationships amongst the Iroquoian tribes as well as the relationship between the Iroquois and the French. Trigger reviews earlier contributions to these subjects and points out perceptible deficiencies in an attempt to re-examine the topics with the use more recent work of archeologists, social anthropologists as well as ethnohistorians. Throughout the book the reader is also cautioned that the Native peoples should not be viewed as peripheral, but rather fundamental in the course of North American History.
Trigger begins his book by painting a clear picture of the Indian image in Canadian History.   Next Trigger gives insight into the finding of disciplines outside of history. Both opening chapters give an informative examination of trends in both anthropological and historical scholarship dating as far back as the nineteenth century.   In the third chapter, Trigger goes on to tell about the approach of...

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