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Big Fears+Bigger Man= Bigger Thomas The novel, Native Son, by Richard Wright deals with a lot of themes all surrounding the protagonist, Bigger Thomas. Wright wants to show that, considering the conditions of Bigger's state, his violent personality and his criminal behavior are not surprising. He uses the gun in Native Son to portray manhood throughout the novel. Bigger Thomas is shown as man throughout the novel however he really isn't. You can identify Bigger Thomas with people who no longer identifies with their own people, religion, cultures, or even their surrounding world. He doesn't allow himself to be conditioned by the white mans expectation of him. In Native Son the use of the gun is a representation of fear in Bigger because he uses the gun to make himself equal to those around him. Within the first book Fear we meet and are able to analyze the main protagonist Bigger Thomas. Bigger is overwhelmed and holds no power within his own life. His manhood is not in existence because he still has childish attitudes. Wright states that Bigger was going among whites so therefore “he would take his knife and his gun; it would make him feel that he was equal to them...” (43) This was Bigger's goal throughout the whole novel to make himself feel equal. Bigger and his friends planned a robbery of Blum's store, the Blum is a white man. The gang had been so used to preying on African Americans. When they rob the African Americans within the community the cops have no concern for it. Due to the fact they were robbing a Caucasian they would be doing something new and challenging. He told his friends that they should use guns instead. Bigger was really scared but he couldn't admit this for his friends. He had the badman image to live up to. He is so uncomfortable around white people the gun is a security figure of his manhood and to reduce the fear that is really in

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