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Ayesha Chaudhary Ms. Jack man English 10th 24 October 2012 Native son by Richard Wright What does the literature studied in this course suggest about what it means to be American? What is the “American Dream?” To be an American it means to be free, having all rights and freedom. It means to enjoy those rights and understand the responsibilities that come with it. It means to respect America and its people, and to be respected. It means to live together as a nation without any difference. In Native son Thomas Bigger was an American but still didn’t had those right that whites had. He considered himself inferior from the whites. In the book there is nothing like a nation because people are divided into two groups Whites and African Americans. As in the book Bigger thinks white are the important people. “To Bigger and his kind, white people were not really people; they were a sort of great natural force, like a stormy sky looming overhead or like a deep swirling river stretching suddenly at one’s feet in the dark” (Wright 109). Being an American doesn’t mean to be different to do difference between different races. It means to be equal and consider everyone equal. In Native Son we can see lots of difference between the whites and blacks. Whites were considered superior than the blacks. Blacks weren’t treated fairly. Thomas Bigger was really scared of whites and so were other black person that’s why he was sacred to rob any black. The difference between them is described by this quote “He was black and he had been alone in the room where a white girl had been killed: therefore he had killed her. That was what everyone would say, anyhow, no matter what he said” (Wright 102). The American Dream is about doing what you want to be successful in. It is about going for your dreams no matter what anyone says. It focuses a great deal on individuality and power that

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