Native People Essay

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Koschebe Osbourne Professor Mulhern English III 20 September 2011 Essay on Native American Literature Native American myth taught members of the different tribe lessons about life. The stories also answered question that individual in the tribe had about their culture and environment. “The world on the turtle back” answered question about the origin of the world, as well as revealed ideas about the relationship between about human and animals. The tale “Coyote and Buffalo” suggest some valuable advice about how to act as a member of the community. The tale “Fox and Coyote and Whale” explored ideas about love and friendship. Native America myth can also offer modern American lesson about life because people, even though they may be separated by time and place, often share common values and attitude. To begin with “The world on The Turtle Back” is about how the world started. It tell you how a young lady from the sky world fell and landed on a turtle back. The lady needed dirt to create earth. Many animals attempt to go under water to the bottom and only one succeeded. It was the muskrat. When he was down there “everyone waited”. The dirt was place on the turtle back along with the roots the lady had stuck wedge between her finger. After doing all of that the lady started to dance and the earth started to form. Later in life she had twins one was good and one was evil. They could never get along. “Every time they will have a competition no one will win”. This show how they’re good and bad situation in life. If they’re wasn’t no good are bad life wouldn’t be no fun. The tale of “Coyote and the Buffalo” is about how to act and respect the died. Coyote shouldn’t kick the buffalo skull. Buffalo chase Coyote and grant him a last wish. He told him “you may have time for one smoke”. Buffalo forgive Coyote and gave him a cow. Coyote should
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