Native Americans and Western Africans Differences

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When comparing Native American, European and West African societies there are many differences. Though there are similar underlining’s between these societies there are also some major differences between them all. Both the Native American and West African have similar religious beliefs. They believed in the presence of multiple gods and that each of them were responsible for different aspect of life and nature. In European religion they believed in Christianity and in only one god who was responsible for everything. European’s viewed the religions of both Native American and Africans as savage and crud. They disregarded their beliefs and believed that their religion was the only right one and anyone else who believed in anything else was wrong. The Naive Americans and Africans didn’t understand why the Europeans were doing what they were doing and why they were so disrespectful to their gods and religion. With Native Americans and Western Africans land ownership was won through wars or chosen in the belief that their gods had given them the land that they were living on. The lands that these groups lived on were very sacred to them and became religious focal points. Europeans believed that they had a god given right to be on the land and that they were higher then these other societies so they over ran them and took what they wanted. They didn’t believe or care that the land had religious ties with some of the groups they came across. Having no respect for others beliefs they simply would just push them off their land in the thought that they would find homes somewhere else and that they would be fine. The Naive Americans didn’t understand why the Europeans were pushing them off their sacred land and why they couldn’t have just found land somewhere else. Through all three of these groups family was very important. With Native Americans
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