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Native Americans Essay

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  • on April 24, 2008
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Nursing Fundamentals

American Indians, also known as Native Americans, have a long history and culture that they hold in very high esteem, and rightfully so.   In the nursing field you must learn to respect and acknowledge all cultures and rituals.   Native Americans are no exception.   Understanding culture and practices help us as nurses better care for and treat our patients.   Information such as healthcare practices, and high-risk health factors are pertinent knowledge to care for any Native American patient.   Knowing their feelings on personal space and touch can help smooth the healing process.   Having a base information on their culture such as naming rituals, diet and religious practices will help you better understand how to properly care for your patient with respect and ensuring their dignity and culture are respected.

Native American Culture in Nursing Practices
Native American Religious Preferences
The term Native American encompasses a much larger group of indigenous peoples that occupy Canada, Mexico, Central and South America.   However, “Native American” has been widely accepted to describe the Indians of North America, individuals need to be aware that there are differences in geographic locations of these populations and their religions, even though they do share some broad similarities (Answers.com-Health).   There are currently 569 federally recognized tribes in the United States and still many more tribal nations striving for federal recognition to this day (CDC).   If a tribe becomes federally recognized it greatly increases their ability to function, receive much needed benefits and the ability to practice their beliefs without being criminally prosecuted.   Due to the extensive oppression of this population over the past four decades much of their cultural beliefs, religion, and genealogy has been either destroyed or lost.   Their cultural beliefs, religions, history and genealogy have been handed down from...

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