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Native Americans Dear Angela, I am so pleased to hear from you again. How is the family? My family and I are doing well. I am honored that you asked me to help you research your paper on Native Americans. Being as I am a Native American I can give you details to benefit your research. Please forgive me if I start to ramble on about my heritage, I don’t want to sound bias, but this is who I am and it is important to me. Anyways, I hope this helps. The Native Americans have struggled for many years throughout history. When the Europeans came to North America they really thought that they were in India, which is where they received the name Native Indians. The name has been with my people for over 500 years. In the beginning it, seemed that the Native Americans and the Europeans were getting along. Some of the Native Americans would actually try to adapt to the Europeans ways of life, while the others wanted to stick to their traditional values of life, and move to others areas where the Europeans were not. As time passed the Europeans were starting to show disrespect to the resources and the land, they were displaying greed and selfishness. Their intent was to take over the new continent with brutal force and along with that the Europeans brought diseases, for example, measles, small pox, cholera and yellow fever. The Native Americans population was soon diminishing. What came next were the attitudes of the white man which led to the Indian Wars. The massacre of 1890, in Wounded Knee, South Dakota, this is where the U.S. Cavalry took our warriors, women and children and had them slaughtered, so much devastation to my people back then. My people were now under the siege of the U.S. Government. The Government wanted to relocate my people and take them from their homes, they could not practice their customs or speak are native

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