Native Americans Essay

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Native Americans Cherie "Stacy" Martin HIS/145 July 30, 2012 Timothy Kreisher Native Americans In the early eighteenth century, the Indians were introduced to the Pilgrims. The Indians owned all the land and the white people (Americans) decided to take it from them. The white people decided that since the Indians were not white they needed to be treated differently. They were to have no contact with the white people and were to live in certain areas, which are called reservations. The white people decided that they wanted to take the land away from the Indians and formed a government against the Indians. The children were taken to these reservations for education but they were not allowed to know about their heritage, they had to learn the American way. This was hard for the elders to understand, they wanted their children to know where they came from. The government was trying to make it so that all Indians had to be taught the American way. The elder Indians finally had, had enough and they were able to set into law the Treaties for the Indians. In the 1970’s there were multiple times the treaties were broke. Non-Indian Americans would come into the reservations and rape the women. They were never prosecuted for it. Historically, Indian tribes have exercised full authority over everyone within Indian lands. A number of the early federal treaties expressly noted a tribe’s power to punish non-Indians. In the later part of the 19th-century federal policy shifted away from tribal self-government in favor of an effort to dismantle tribal government systems. (Brown, Nov.) The Indians always had to educate the Americans on everything they tried to fight for. This affected the tone and nature of American Indian leadership. There were protest from the Indians, Poor Peoples March of 1968, Red Power Rallies, the American Indian Movement to

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