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The Native Americans Come and take a walk with me, my name is Greywolf. I am not a Washington Redskin nor am I a Kansas City Chief, or any other kind of mascot; I am a Native American Indian. There are several known Indian nations here in the United States, “with over 300 languages spoken between them” Sharpes (1979), Let me tell you a little about the Native American Indian. My “tribe” personally I would rather it be known as Nation. Tribe was a name given to us from the White Man. That label segregates us to even a lower part in a minority group. We are the first people on this land called The United States. We lived in Long Houses, Adobes, or the famed Tipi depending on where that nation lived. “When we first encountered people from across…show more content…
Chyrl Andrews, “Responding to the increase in violent crimes committed by juveniles in many tribal communities, Congress then established the Tribal Youth Program in 1999” (Juvenile Justice, 2000), para 1. “when often when faced with tough decisions whether it is depression, witnessing acts of violence within the home, or the lack of support, the young Native American sometimes took his or her own life” Murkowski, (2011). Our usefulness to the society is that we offer many items, from hand crafted to tobacco products and gaming outlets. Off the reservation we were known for doing high steel work. This you would know as sky scraper construction workers. “President Obama is also offering Tax cuts to over 20,000 of our small business owners nationwide. As well as extended unemployment insurance to help the lower income families on our reservations.” American Indian Chamber of Commerce,(2011). As I read through the chapter 1 I came across Figure 1.1 it frightened me, it is almost like the Native American Indian by 2100 will be no more, if I have that right. I chose to do this about The Native American because I am part Mohawk Indian an I never acknowledged it because I was afraid what other people would think of me let alone

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