Native American Social Issues Essay

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Native Americans How long have people lived in North America? No one knows exactly. Some Native American legends suggest that people have lived on this continent for countless generations, ever since human life began. Some scientists confirm that Native Americans were indeed the first humans to inhabit North America. They also say that humans first arrived here at least 30,000 years ago, perhaps much earlier. In order to ever begin to help anyone from a different culture I think its important to understand as much as possible about it. In this paper we will begin our understanding of Native Americans. People had already been living in the America long before the white man ever “discovered” it. These people were known as the Native Americans. They had lived peacefully on the land, for hundred of years till the early 1800s when white settlers began their move towards the West. As these white settler came upon the Native Americans they brought with them unwavering beliefs that would end up causing great conflicts with the Native people, who had their own way set of values. It was clear that the white man and the Native Americans could not live among each other peacefully for their values and culture were much too different. The Native Americans who occupied America before any white settlers ever reached the shores. These Native people were one with nature and the Great Spirit was all around them. They were accustom to their way of life and lived peacefully. All they wish was to live on their land and continue the traditions of their people. When the white settler came upon their land the values of the Native people were challenged, for the white settlers had nothing in common and believe that it was their duty to assimilate the Native Americans to the white way of life. However the Native Americans strongly regarded their way of live. In their culture the order of

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