Native American Perspective

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Native American Perspective Overtime people create new memories, experiences, background, ideas, and opinions. These are all things that help create and mold people’s perspectives. Perspective is the way someone sees something whether it be big or little. In the story Waking Up the Rake by Linda Hogan a Native American Women tells her perception of the world and how astonishing it truly is. She sees life in this world as a natural cycle, she knows that beauty can be found in anything, and she believes that everyone and everything is equal. Cycle is how the world and the elements of the world work together. “Recognize the natural cycles of growth and decay, of birth and death, and thus become aware of the dynamic order of the universe” (Hogan 151). There is a beginning and an end to everything, she recognizes this and this brings her contentment with dealing with the death of things. She sees how with loss comes gain and this is the way the world works. People spend so much time stuck on death and decay when this is a way of life, people should focus on birth and growth instead. She talks about brushing her grandmothers’ hair saying “we were the old and the new, bound together in front of the snapping fire, woven like a lifetime’s tangled growth of hair” (Hogan 149). The tangled hair represents the struggle in life but as you brush it you get rid of those tangles and dead hair creating room for new healthy growth, representing the good things in life. If people looked at the world like she does I guarantee we would have a more positive point of view on everything. Beauty can be found in some of the most disturbing and unsettling images. As this women describes images in the story of her experiences you see how she can see everything beautifully. She believes that “over time, the narrow human perspective from which we view things expands” (Hogan 150). The more we

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