Native American Outline

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Native American Origins & Heritage * The origins of Native American peoples, is typically traced back to Asia. Specifically to China, India, Japan and Tartar (Turkic) regions. Also, a widely held hypothesis is that many from Polynesia may have crossed the pacific, to Hawaii and onto north and South America. The strongest theory of origin is from japan. It has long been reported that Japanese boats, called junks, would from time to time wash up on the pacific coasts of the Americas. Some of these were deserted, but many still had a crew onboard. It is thought, however, that the Bering Strait or the Aleutian chain of islands were the most likely crossing points. Socioeconomic * Native Americans face serious cultural, economic and social issues. Among the most serious are poverty, drug and alcohol abuse, and a sense of alienation. Add to that, that young Native Americans are assimilating into the majority culture faster than any prior generation. Their cultural identity is also threatened due to increasing numbers of Native Americans taking part in interracial marriages. The fact that native Americans were vanquished to large swaths of land, known as reservations, has also contributed to a sense of isolation and in a way a feeling of inferiority. This isolated existence has led to increased levels of psychiatric illnesses like depression, often culminating in addiction and suicide. * Native American suicide is nearly twice the rate of the typical American. * Identity confusion and self-hatred also contribute to the increased suicide rates. * native American also face increased numbers of poverty due to their indigenous ways of making a living and surviving having been taken from them. Farming hunting and trading, all critical to their survival, were essentially stripped from them by their
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