Native American Isolation

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During the discovery of the New World, another world already existed. It was one of Ancient Civilizations that thrived and developed highly complex civilizations that can be compared to modern day society. This whole world was torn apart and eventually stomped out by the explorers of the Europe; all driven ferociously for their need to please God, obtain gold, and glory. The Aztecs, Incas, and Mayans geographical location played the part of the key suspect of their demise. These people were tremendously isolated much unlike the Europeans who were able to explore their section for the world and obtain new ideas. They gathered new weapons and tools for battle as well as diseases that they built immunities to. When they invaded America the native…show more content…
Although they did not know it, the Europeans had brought over diseases from Europe. In the past Europe’s immense trade routes and domestic animals made them homes for disease. They suffered from the worst and therefore became immune to the worst. They carried these diseases to America and badly infected the people. American’s had little disease at this time because isolation did not allow for contact with the other people to contract their diseases and they did not have domestic animals. The lack of trade and domestic animals made the Americans not as infectious as the Europeans, which eventually ended in their downfall. Next, strategy played a very important role in the conquest over the empires of America. The Aztecs, Mayans, and even the Incans had no formal written language. Europe, however, had the printing press and books. Travelers could read the actions of previous generals and battles; they could discover new ways to go about things. The Native American peoples however had no way to spread these ideas had and were normally only familiar with local stories. They did not have the ability or the technology to spread ideas and strategies like the Europeans
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