Native American Human Race

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Since the start of creation when the first forms of life made their way through the ocean depths the law, 'Survival of the fittest' has always remained constant. However, why is it that species that advances farthest in knowledge and technology has to force dominance over its weaker counterparts. Is it fear that drives someone to demand obedience from the unknown or is it through the prospect of personal gains will be achieved. When the Europeans began their exploration of North/South America and the Caribbean Islands they wrought upon the native Indians a destructive force the would ultimately bring them to a near extinction. In this research paper I will discuss the reasons for these human atrocities. Through his greed President James…show more content…
The shrinking of these lands soared with the discovery of gold and silver of in California. This brought with it a flood of greedy miners across the plains. Racism was a major reason for the injustices suffered by the native Americans. In the earlier years of the New World stories spread throughout Europe of an inferior race that dwelled in the Americas. In 1502 Sebastian Cabot paraded a group of Eskimos around England saying they were flesh eating savages and brute beasts. Another person who had tainted the Indians was a Spaniard by the name Amerigo Vespucci said they were without “Law, religion, rulers, immortality of the soul, and private property.” William Bradford was a leader in the founding of Plymouth and Governor. He destroyed a major Pequot village, setting fires and the cutting down with swords those who escaped. He describes the scene as “Horrible was the stinck and sente” but the victory seemed a sweet sacrifice. Then praised god for such a quick victory their enemies who were so proud and insulting. Four hundred Indians died in the…show more content…
The war started when English magistrates tried to Christianize the Indians in order to begin making them members fit for a civil society. They would enforce strict laws and procure reparations from the Indians when breaking the same laws. Then Jesuit missionaries from France began traveling from Sachim to Sachim inviting the Indian tribes into a confederacy against the English in return for supplies and payments. In 1675 the conflict the ensued would be the most destructive in American history relative to the size of the population. In all twelve out of ninety towns were destroyed and five percent of New England's population was killed. Up to Forty percent of the Native American population in the New England area was

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