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Cesar Dominguez History 111 Brant Riffle 5 July 2011 For thousands of year Native Americans managed to preserve their religious beliefs and cultural ways. One of their most important beliefs is to preserve their ancestor’s cultures and land. Today, many of the remaining Native Americans still manage to preserve the same culture. Because they were the first ones in America they have influenced Americans in many ways. Their culture has influenced America since the Europeans arrived up until today in the way we speak, the foods we eat, our religious beliefs and even some of our family values and traditions. The languages spoken here in America today such as Spanish, English and French have a lot of words that were from the native language.…show more content…
They believed that if some intended to change the traditions or costumes that they had for centuries was disrespect to the entire tribe, their ancestors and most importantly the gods. They were grate believers in the gods. The gods to them where everything; all their focus was upon them. They always worshiped and presented great sacrifices upon them. The sacrifices they did consisted of certain animals like cattle and even some humans. They were great believers of sacrificing other men to the gods so that they can keep them happy and full of blessings. When they had a long period without rain they sacrificed people so that the gods can give them rain for their crops. Their crops were also a very important part of their lives and culture. They were the first ones to have farms and grow crops such as tomatoes, potatoes corn, wheat, squash, and beans. They took pride in their farms and crops because they were very valuable to them and mad life a lot easier because they could just grow food instead of always hunting for some. Although they were extremely good hunters and gathers because they were well advanced in weapons. Hunting was easier because they used weapons like the bow and arrow, the tomahawk, knifes, and spears. This allowed them to catch the pray from a long distance rather than having to get extremely close to them where it can be rather dangerous or can just simply scare the pray away. The weapons were not only used for hunting but also for war. Native Americans often went to war with neighboring tribes for a variety of reasons. Many of the times it was for control over more territory. There was many types of tribes in north America at that time so there was plenty of conflicts. Some tribes were larger than others. Some even created cities similar to todays’ cities. They had markets some sort of currency and a type of

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