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Native American Civil Rights Movement In The Present And Their Achievements Essay

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  • on June 12, 2008
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Below is an essay on "Native American Civil Rights Movement In The Present And Their Achievements" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

There is no definition for an Indian, however, “most tribes follow former federal mandates and require a certain amount of Indian blood, often called blood quantum, for membership” (A Brief Historical 143). Besides tribes there are other entities that are in charge to determine who is not member. As example there is the US Census Bureau states that “an Indian is anyone who declares himself or herself to be an Indian” (A Brief Historical 144), but the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) generally characterizes an Indian as “an individual who is a member of an Indian tribe, band or community that is officially recognized by the federal government” (A Brief History 144). Nowadays, in general, there are three types of Indians, those who belong to federally-recognized tribes or nations, the ones belonging to state-recognized tribes or nations and those who belong to non-federally- recognized tribes or nations.
Federally recognized tribes may preserve their rights to tribal sovereignty, but they are considered domestic dependent nations. These tribes have the right to “govern themselves, define their own membership, manage tribal property and regulate tribal business and domestic relations” (Native Americans 1).For Indians the ultimate goal of this period of federal policy has been to gain greater governance, possibly sovereignty, over tribal issues. Self-governance, in the hope of the federal government, “will help Indians achieve economic self-sufficiency” (A Brief Historical 87). In 1994 President Clinton honored tribal sovereignty as follows:
The United States Government has a unique legal relationship with Native American tribal governments as set forth in the Constitution of the United States, treaties, statues and court decisions. As executive departments and agencies undertake activities affecting Native American tribal rights or trust resources, such activities should be implemented in a knowledgeable, sensitive manner respectful of tribal sovereignty…I am...

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