Native American and Asian American Experience in America

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Native American and Asian American Experience in America America is unique among nations because it is made up of people who immigrated here from around the world to search a new and better life. As a result, its population includes people of many races and ethnic groups. People who belong to a specific race are distinguished by genetically transmitted physical characteristics, such as skin color or eye shape. People of a certain ethnicity are classified together on the basis of common history, geography, nationality, culture, religion, and language. America’s interracial and intercultural composition, prejudice, and tension between different groups has been inevitable, especially since whites (Anglos) emigrating from England felt they were innately superior and dominant over people from other nations and people of color. This paper will focus on the difficulties experienced by two racial minorities, Native American and Asian American, and will review how racism and culture conflict affected these two groups. Native Americans and Asian Americans found themselves in uniquely different positions in America. Native Americans has been the original inhabitants of this land, but found themselves outnumbered as Anglos and Hispanics arrived and claimed the land as their own. Native Americans found themselves to be in the minority and were slaughtered or enslaved by the newcomers. Native Americans were treated as less than human for hundreds of years and continue to struggle for rights to this day. Murder and massacre came more from the Anglos, while the Spanish settlements on the west coast enslaved the Native Americans in the name of education and conversion to Christianity, forcing them to build missions and study the Bible, among other things. Native Americans who willing obeyed and be glad about their new talents were looked down upon by other Native
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