Native American Addiction Research Paper

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Using information learned from your required reading and exploration of key websites, discuss your understanding of the current status/impact of addiction in the United States. Include your initial thoughts about how the Church can be meaningfully involved. After listening to this week’s lectures, reading the required chapters, and exploring some of the key websites, I have to say that I am seriously concerned but, perhaps, not for the reason you might think. For those of you who may not know me, I work and live among Native Americans on one of the top three largest reservations in the United States. Since I am partial to this people group and know, firsthand, the problems that occur from the result of substance use and addiction, I took a look at how Native Americans were represented in the statistics that Dr. Jenkins (n.d.) quoted from in his lecture by looking at the 2010 National Survey on Drug Use and Health ( According to the demographics section of the study that can be found at…show more content…
Since I work with Native Americans, I also like to pick apart research and see how it pertains to this people group so that I might assist them or understand them better. According the Ehlers (2007), some Native Americans have been found to have a genetic mutation of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol. In his research, Ehlers (2007) compared two groups of Native Americans, those who were found to have the altered allele and those who did not. Interestingly, the group with the enzyme variant was shown to have, not only a higher rate of alcoholism but also tobacco use. It is important to mention that Ehlers (2007) is not making the claim that this is the sole cause of alcohol addiction among Native Americans but instead is suggesting a viable starting point when assessing and effectively treating Native

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