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Native American's importance of Belief's & Rituals According to chapters 1-8 in David Hurst Thomas’, “Skull Wars” it is depicted Native American’s are less romanticized compared to traditional histories. There are themes throughout this book include famous founders, 19th century America, Indian Origins, history of racism, social Darwinism, the great American skull wars, assimilation and traditions. The history of Native American’s has a huge background stated in the above themes which brings about their importance of beliefs and rituals. It started in the beginning in 1492, “With Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) making land and claiming the area and naming the people Indians. In the beginning with Columbus it was easy going and nice gaining land. It then moved to Columbus pushing further and further into the land. Columbus became more aggressive naming the Native's “Carib's”” (Hurst, 2000). According to the movie “Native American Healing in the 21st Century”, it is stated that one of the most important belief's for Native American's is health and healing. In “Skull Wars” it is documented that “By the mid-eighteenth century, disease and warfare had taken a huge toll on the Native American’s…” (Hurst 2000). With this being said, Native American’s have a great beginning in historical beliefs and values. Some of these rituals include Spiritual Healing Ceremonies Plants and Herbs and Dances. The Ghost Dance, a Kinnikinnick (practice of burning herbs) and dream catchers are examples of Native American spiritualistic ideals. The Ghost Dance according to Butterfield is “actually a religious revitalization movement started by the powerful healing medicine person Wovoka (Jack Wilson)…” (Butterfield 1998). Some tribes also had spirituality dances that connected the physical world and the spiritual world together. In early history it is

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