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* On many Native American Indian reservations today, there is a growing concern on the increase of mental health problems * The Omaha Nation has a health facility that has various outpatient clinics. It has a nursing home connected to the facility * The outpatient mental health clinic has a staff of the following: A mental health director, three therapists, social work aid, office manager * Some of the major mental health problems are: * 1. Depression, acute and major depression * 2. Suicide * 3. Stress * Depression * On the Omaha Indian Reservation almost every tribal member directly or indirectly suffers from depression * Most of the people with depression can be attributed to acute depression. Causes of acute depressions could be a number of situations in their lives * Adults at times suffer from the state of “hopelessness” * This could be attributed to extremely high unemployment rates of 60-80% or higher today * The major form of employment was the casino * Today, it is not in operation due to the flooding of the Missouri River this past summer * The other major forms of employment are the tribal government and the health facility * More women are employed * There are no farm related jobs as farming is done on a large scale * Omaha tribal men are not farmers by cultural heritage * Many young and middle aged men are idle in the community * As a result of not being employed, many men and women resort to alcohol abuse * The only way to cope with being unemployed and feeling useless and depressed is to consume alcohol and drugs * Many acute depression cases turn into major depression cases with being unemployed for so long * Other Contributing Factors to Depression * Many tribal members do not

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