Nations Wealth Essay

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Wealth of Nations John Locke’s theory of private property is divided by productive labor and unproductive labor. Product labor is considered to save time and efficient. There is invention and cleverness. Also it produces lasting commodity, meaning it stores itself. Unproductive labor creates no service. It does not produce lasting commodity nor is increasing incremental. There is no health care provided. Capitalists should invest in productive labor because it is efficient and it will create a profit with the lasting commodity that is produced. They could improve productive labor by dividing up the labor and accumulating more land. The division of labor is essential to the capitalist form of exchange because without the division of labor there would be no commodities to make the capitalists profit. The division of labor improves productiveness because it divides up the jobs into groups and therefore the jobs can be done a lot quicker. To improve the productiveness even more possibly break the jobs down and time them, almost like an assembly line. The negative to division of labor is not allowing the wage workers the ability to move up in the chain. The capitalists continue to profit while the wage workers stay at the same stage. It is a cycle that is never ending. The nations must do to overcome policies in place to balance to have equal living room. The improvements in life ordinary citizens have by being under capitalism in both an economic and political stance is the power they have. The citizens are able to afford the market for rude produce. It cultivated and improved if the country. The citizens benefitted from the less charges and better prices that other consumers in different countries do not have. The wealth inquired created employment of lands that were being sold. Money is returning to the merchants with profit. For the citizens who are under the

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