Nationalism Essay

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Undoubtedly one of the most important causes of this war was the nationalism of the time. This led to the idea that people with the same ethnicity, language and history have the right to form independent states from expanding by a multitude of places. The territories who were hoping to become state are based on the right to self-determination, which was completely ignored by the political forces. This provoked the revolutions and strong nationalist movements of the nineteenth century, through which we were able to obtain the unifications of Germany and Italy and the independence of Belgium, despite these successes, many nationalist conflict remained unresolved, which resulted in tensions in the and between various regions involved European nations. But there was another nationalism, of peoples dominated by foreign nations and fighting for their independence. This is the case of the Balkans, as the powder keg of Europe. Most of the territory of the Balkans was dominated by empires turkish and Austro-Hungarian. In the early twentieth century, the Balkans were one of the most explosive areas of Europe. It clashed different interests. The Serbs wanted to build a Yugoslav State to collect all Slavs of the region. To do so, they had to take over territories that were held in the Austro-Hungarian empires and turkish. The Russian empire, away from the Far East following his defeat to the Japanese in 1901. 1905, was interested in extending its domain to the Mediterranean. To achieve this, pledged his support to the Serbs. Germany, France and Britain wanted to seize territory in the zone occupied the turkish empire to dominate a strategic point: the Straits of the Dardanelles, door essential for communication between the Mediterranean and Central Asia. In the Balkanswere all the hates, rivalries and dissatisfactions that had been accumulating over the past decades. It

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