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Nationalism Essay

  • Submitted by: mkay
  • on February 19, 2008
  • Category: History
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Nationalism is very important towards a person's self pride towards the country they live in. Nationalism is the base on what a country stand for and how strong the country is as a whole. With this in mind do people go over board and express this sense of pride to an extent to which it can be dangerous. Or then again is there not enough nationalism to keep countries together like Canada.

You can't let a group of people encourage Nationalism to start a war. This is may lead to problem's that Napoleon had. Opposition to Napoleon also grew among the conquered and allied peoples of Europe, who were developing a sense of nationalism. They resented paying taxes, the disliked sending soldiers to his armies, they wanted to restore their own governments, customs and traditions. Also war's broke out across the country.

Nationalism can create tension and the need for revenge like the French felt towards Germany after the French were defeated in the Franco-Prussian War. This tension and revenge will only lead to problems like, rebellions in the street's, also assassination of president's. With Quebec trying to separate, this is weakening the country economically, socially, politically. This is showing how weak Canada really is in response to there strength as a country.

Sure nationalism is good in a way, but you just can't have to much of it. Some country's may think they can control the world, with there forces. There strong nationalism just isn't the greatest, when a war comes about it because of the feelings of a country. Trying to keep the country strong is hard enough, then keeping the world At peace.

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