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Nationalism Notes: Italy: * Italy as a nation came into existence recently due to the work of Joseph Mazzini, before 1870, Italy compromised a number of small principalities, each with its own petty chief. Although the people spoke the same language and characteristics each person swore allegiance to different petty states. * Mazzini compared his love for Italy as being more religious than philosophy * Mazzini’s revolutionary societies if not necessarily under his direct influence, have employed his methods, which include assassination, terrorism and guerilla warfare * Many have copied his revolutionary organizations such as the Young Ireland and Young Turks * Although Mazzini is seen as the archetype of Nationalism, Mazzini himself half-disowned himself of the unification of Italy as it was barely democratic, it was more monarchial and recognized the more privileged and ignored social problems. Austria-Hungry Empire: * The greatest multinational or supranational State Two Types of Nationalist: One is regarded as the less pleasant type of nationalist which is one particular nation which believes to be great and dominate over other nations (eg Hitler). The second nationalist is the far more pleasant version in which nationalist believe that each nation of the world should have the opportunity to form a state of its own- the principle of self determination. This view is associated with the desire for peace and international co-operation, with progressive humanitarianism and with liberal democracy. Mazzini is portrayed as belonging to the more liberal elements types. - The advocates. As some classify them of ‘nationality’ as opposed to ‘nationalism’. Mazzini in fact falls between the two categories Mazzini appears liberal in his belief in progression, self help and education, in his anticlericalism, in his republicanism, his

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