National Youth Policy Essay

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Introduction The National Youth Policy (NYP) 2009-2014 is part of a global trend in which governments formulate policies that respond to changing conditions young youth in the 21st century. While this policy speaks to the needs and special circumstances of the South Africa’s youth, this puts them in the global African family and community. As countries around the world are involved in a continuous process of policy reform, NYP 2009 - 2014 tries to contribute both into this process and are informed by it. Besides, it is in this context that the South African democracy and social development approach to public policy creating a supportive environment in which the life, work and well-being of young people who are placed in the centre of the country's growth and development. Also, it is clear that the future of South African youth, and thus the future of the country as a whole, closely affected by the disposal of this policy. Thus, the government, in partnership with the different role players, to ensure that all young people access opportunities that allow them to grow, develop and succeed fully engaged, responsive and productive citizens. Policy Context Looking forward, this policy will need to respond to the forces of social and economic shape global and regional development in the 21st century. In the context of our democracy, our commitment to human rights and social development of our approach to public policy, young people need to be placed at the centre of national development. On the other hand, in achieving the objectives of the state of development, characterized by strong partnerships between government, civil society, the private sector, the community, it is vital that the opportunities created for young people to enable them to face the challenges of poverty. Policy Vision The vision of the NYP 2009 – 2014 remains consistent with the one contained in
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