National Prohibition Speech Outline

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Into to Speech 1301 Tuesday & Thursday 7:30 PM Class (Revise) The National Prohibition Act AKA The Volstead Act I Introduction A) Attention Getter- Imagine going to happy hour without any alcohol being available, imagine not being able to enjoy a sporting event with some form alcohol, Imagine the super bowl commercial Frogs Saying Pe-EP-Si instead of Budweiser. B) Preview Statement – Well this all was a reality with The National Prohibition act. This act was pushed by many religious organizations such as the Woman's Christian Temperance Union. Im going to explain how they thought this act was a going to cure to our countrie’s illnesses, crime and finances. II Main Point 1 The primary target for ridding alchol was to reduce Crime A) • But The restriction of…show more content…
B) With all the wealth made by the modern day robin hoods, many Americans started to change their view on prohibition, as they saw how much the economy and society suffered without the legalization of alcohol. III Main Point 2 The Great Depression was solitified with the decrease of income from the taxation of alcohol. The country relies on every tax it creates and once the country starts to reduce taxes, the economy faces a domino effect financially. • The beginning of the Great Depression In the late 1920’s caused a huge change in American opinion about Prohibition. • The Economy’s issues had crippled the country financially; legalizing Alcohol could provide some relief as a taxable product as it once was. • Another financial burden the US took on as additional cost, was the cost to enforce the law of prohibition. • This cost about a billion dollars during the prohibition
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