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The National Junior Honor Society is a very prestigious organization that I would love to be a part of. It is a group of students that exemplifies the traits of service, leadership, character, citizenship, and scholarship. I feel that each student with the privilege to such commitment should devote their time and education to this foundation. I am truly honored to be a candidate for the South Side Middle School Junior Honor Society. The qualities and characteristics that make up the National Junior Honor Society (Service, Leadership, Character, Citizenship, and Scholarship) are not only important for every member of the NJHS to have, but for the school they attend too. These qualities and characteristics are important to South Side Middle School because if the school as a whole demonstrates these qualities, then that school will have students that excel academically, socially and students that will be more inclined to do more for their community. Theses qualities and characteristics are also very important to society because the people who possess these qualities make the world a better place. The reason the world is like this today is because of the…show more content…
I am a very honest person and many of my friends know that they can definitely rely on me. I do not do any school clubs currently, but I am a member of many organizations. I was on the 2012 school soccer team and I do many other activities that help me demonstrate leadership and citizenship. People have told me that I am a good leader and that I have character. I love to help out with the community by donating clothing, food and other goods to people in need. Also, getting good grades in school i something that is extremely important to me. I have been on high honor role all year and i plan to do the same in eight

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