National Honors Society Essay

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Being selected as a candidate to be part of the National Honors Society is already an accomplishment itself. This organization recognizes many potential in students and the need to help the community. I think I deserve the chance to be apart of NHS because I have worked hard to be able to be meet the requirements and be recognized to be part of this organization. NHS expresses traits of integrity, cooperation, concern for others, industry, and responsibility. All of these traits represent me very well. As integrity is one of the many traits NHS is looking for, I believe I represent this greatly in my life. For example, when I am painting for an art class, I take my time and paint piece by piece. By mixing and blending different shades of colors and making the painting look realistic. This shows integrity because it shows how I value many things and have patience to do something the right way. I am not that type of person that does something to get it done and over with, I like to learn and enjoy to work hard at something and to feel accomplished. And I also show a great deal of cooperation with others through school interaction. Every day, I speak, teach, and learn from other students and teachers that allow me to excel in my learning. For example, in speech class, I am accompanied by different classmates that I have not worked with before and gather as a group to share ideas with a common purpose. When problems occur, I am willing to hear everyone’s opinions and thoughts before making an official decision in a tough situation. This shows how I can adapt with others to achieve more than what I could’ve with myself with creative objectives. Also, I always put others before myself. This signifies how I care for others, whether a friend is facing a challenge in their life or volunteering when the community is needing help, I will be the one to be there to help out.
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