National Hockey Player: Crosby Vs. Ovechkin

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Nicholas Esposito English 12 2/15/12 Research Paper Crosby vs. Ovechkin Who is better? In discussions about the National Hockey League (NHL) of today, there exists a significant debate over who is the best player of our time. This heated discussion revolves around the games two brightest stars: Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby. When you have to compare both of these players there are certain things that make the overall player: Offensive Play is measured by total points (goals and assists = total points); Defensive Play (+ / -); Leadership (Captain or Alternate Captain); Longevity/Endurance (years played at the highest level); Historical Relevance (performance as it relates to other Hall of Fame players). Looking at the evidence,…show more content…
Hockey players dream of winning the Stanley Cup since they were little kids and now they have a chance. Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin both wear the letter C on their jersey and have both been to post season four times since they entered the league. In the post season Crosby has recorded 30 goals and 52 assists = 82 points in the 62 games he has played, while Ovechkin has only recorded 25 goals and 25 assists = 50 points in 37 games he has played ( Crosby has taken home the Stanley Cup one time in the four years he has been to the post season, while Ovechkin has never made it to the Cup finals. This explains why Crosby has more games played than Ovechkin has because Crosby has had more success than Ovechkin has in the playoffs. Crosby set a NHL record for being the youngest player to become a captain. While Ovechkin become an assistant captain 2 years into his career, he then became his team’s captain a couple of years later. Crosby and Ovechkin may seem very similar to each other when looking at the amount of times they have made the post season and that both are captain for their team, but they are not. The difference between the great players and the extraordinary players is that the great players have the ability to lead their team as a captain, labeled “C” on the left corner of their jersey, as far as they can go in the post season. While the extraordinary players are not only able to lead their team as a captain, they are able to lead their team to win a Stanley Cup and also able to play both offense and defense in the process of doing so. Crosby and Ovechkin have succeeded in every category they could ever imagine, except Ovechkin has never been able to raise the Stanley Cup over his

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