National Crime Victimization Survey Paper

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JUS-110 September 8, 2012 Mr. Stein Throughout history, there have been crime prevention programs, and surveys that go around help with bettering the statistics. All programs are made for the bettering safety of the American people here today, and to let them know if the crime rates have declined or increased. These different methods inform everyone, and they are very helpful and very useful. For instance the NCVS and the Route Activities Theory go hand in hand, both these help us in many ways, and they dedicate a lot of their time for us, the people (Siegel, 2011). The NCVS known as the, National Crime Victimization Survey, has recorded that the numbers of victimization has gone down since 1993. They have also come to the conclusion that victimization is not random, and the pattern is stable. We now also know that becoming a victim has a lot to do with personal and ecological factors. This survey allows different programs such as BJS, to get a better estimate of victimization with rape, assault, theft, and etc. “Each year, data are obtained…show more content…
This program studies what criminals do, and how they do it, so they can counter react that and make it impossible for them to do it at a particular time. Now this is not bulletproof because the crimes still happen, but statistics show its decreasing and maybe with the help of this theory. Then the National Crime Victimization Survey, helps too because they are useful tools of information. They take the surveys seriously, and they find that majority of the people who take the survey have not reported the crime or crimes that they have been a victim in. Not only that, but it makes out statistics more accurate than before because now we have the ones that never reported. Every day the government is trying to make it better for us, to keep us aware, and that is something we need to

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