National Awareness on Health

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Societies worldwide in the 21st century are more informed about balanced diet and well-being. This is because health awareness is the need of the hour with the increasingly complex challenges towards the health of populations in the 21st century. Health has actually become one of the highly prioritized matters that the people nowadays are concerned and cared about, among all the other things. This can be further explained by the rise in the popularity of gymnasium, yoga classes, organic food and regular organized health campaigns, which are some perfect examples of this. Creating health awareness and living a healthy lifestyle is undoubtedly important. In this modern era of globalization, Malaysia citizens, be it young or old from the cities to the rural areas ought to be health-conscious as well. National awareness of the link between a healthy lifestyle and overall health in Malaysia is progressively increasing through various joint efforts of programmes and projects by the government with private sectors as well as non-profit organizations. From the private sector, there is the Nestlé Healthy Kids Programme which is borne out of the need to address complex issues plaguing the society such as malnutrition and obesity. It aims to improve the nutrition, health and wellness of children between 4-16 years through improved diets, physical activity and hygiene. The initiative has been designed in collaboration with national health authorities, child nutrition experts, and educational foundations. In Malaysia, Nestlé partnered with the Nutrition Society of Malaysia (NSM) to roll-out its ‘Healthy Kids’ chapter, which reached out to some 2,600 students in five schools across Klang Valley within a three-month period. The Healthy Kids Programme in Malaysia entails the implementation of a two-prong programme, which runs concurrently. Aimed at school children, parents and

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