National Air Express Case Study

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National Air Express 1. The productivity measure of shipments per day per truck is still useful, but is the not the best measure when monitoring the producutity. The effective way of measuring the productivity of the trucks per area per day would be a much more accurate way of allocating resources and monitoring the production outputs of the trucks. This way also helps the company know how the trucks are going and how far the workers are going with their routes. Also measuring the amount of shipments that are going to the customer can help. After applying these measures this should help the company to be more effective in the shipment of goods. 2 To reduce the daily variability in pick-up call-ins customer can be told a time that there goods will be delivered and the customer will be able over the internet to know where the product is and know what time the product is coming their house. The drivers can’t be expected to be at several locations at once because it is not going to happen, they can only tie to be at the different place and different time that are close to each other. 3 Package pickup performance should be measured by talking with the driver and the customers about how the goods are coming to the customer. Feedback is necessary of the company so that the company will know how to improve the customer satisfaction. Standards are useful in the environment that is affected by the weather traffic and other random variables, this shows that customers that the company is willing to get the goods to their customer no matter the weather and random effects that are in the way of getting the good. With the standards that the company has in place this should lead to customer confident and pick the company as their company to deliver the

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