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My trip to Wisconsin Dells On June 17th 2012, my family on my dad’s side went to Wisconsin Dells. In the Morning my cousin, sister and I, awoke and popped up at the same time, like we were a work out group doing sit ups. My cousin and I started playing PS3 right away. First, he wanted to play Spider-Man, then we played Black-Ops, and after that we played Madden NFL 2012 and my team smoked his team. My team was the Eagles and his team was the Packers. I won with a score of fifty-one to his team’s twenty-one. After that, my dad told us to get ready to leave for the Dells. So my dad checked our bags and we left. On the long ride to the Dells we watched a couple movies. We saw Holy Man with Eddie Murphy and it was funny. After that we saw Blindside and it was crazy and sort of funny, but also sad. My cousin kept asking, “Are we there yet?” Of course we had a long drive to get through. I thought in my head that my grandmother and aunts were driving as slow as a turtle because we always arrived to Wisconsin long before they did. Finally, after a long four hour drive we had arrived and got settled in Chula Vista Hotel. We waited a long time for my grandma and aunts to arrive. It took them a few hours longer because they drive slower. They finally arrived and called my dad. We brought my cousin to his mom’s condominium downstairs so he could get settled in. Later we all left and went to a pizza restaurant. We ate and walked the strip in the Dells with the entire family. My cousin Kudus and I wanted to stop at this toy shop because we saw this air soft gun. We begged my aunt and dad to buy for us and they did. After that we went to a arcade and played games like the terminator. We went off on the game and scored very well on it. We played laser tag there too. We teamed up and beat everyone. Then my dad asked my brother, cousin and I to play Nascar. We played

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