Nation State and Globalisation

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Globalization is weakening the power of the nation-state Does globalization weakening the power of the nation-state? Yes, it does. By definition, a nation- state is a group of people who share the some history, culture, language and who are grouped into a state (a country). The Westphalia peace treaty in 1648 defines the concept of nation-state which is based on two things: territoriality and the absence of a role for external agents in domestic structures. Therefore Globalization redefines the political role played by the state. International organization like the UN interferes in the organization and governance of the state. Leaders of nation-states are no longer free and they have to follow direction from those international institutions. We assist then in the lake of legitimacy and sovereignty in the nation-state. Economically, nation-states become more dependants of international organization such as IMF, World bank and Multinational Corporations; Local economy are directly affected by the external crisis that global economy is facing since there is no more economical boundaries, common market , free market and so on…. Also the states have no longer the entire monopole regarding shares and control in national companies as they used before; external investors and capital are brought from outside and therefore invite themselves in the governance of the state. Culturally, we assist into a mixture of cultures, new practices are bring in the nation-state, people living in the nation-state are no longer from the some nation. We assist then in a loose of local identity. Example: Introduction of Mac Donald, the use of brands (Nike, Levis) Conclusion Globalization is weakening the nation-state and redefines its concepts. Nation-state does not have integrity, identity, and sovereignty
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