Nathan Price Essay

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Timmy Hubbard AP Literature Mrs. Jackson 20 August 2011 The Defense of Nathan Price The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver describes a man who is an evangelical Baptist who takes his family to the Belgian Congo. The family has many conflicts during this trip and their story is extremely interesting. Nathan Price, the father and husband in the novel, is most likely perceived as the villain or enemy in the family however in my eyes he is anything but. Nathan Price, the chief of the Prices family, obtains a very important role throughout the story. He holds the power in which the decisions of the family and actions must pass though him or require him to be attentive and look after his family. Nathan gains a job in which he is a Baptist minister, and this requires him to travel to the Congo to spread the word of the Lord. Price is seen as an extremely independent character and it is proven time and time again that he lives by his own rules. This is much due to his efforts in World War II, where he barely made his way out of the Battaan Death March. If he would have been caught in the march, it would have meant sure death. Due to his efforts to escape the massacre, his fellow comrades fell to the force of the Death March, and ever since he viewed himself as a coward and felt disliked by God. In return, he feels that he must never leave a dangerous situation behind and help as many people as possible to retain a respectable position in Gods eye. This gives Nathan an excuse for the way he treats his family and others. It is not his fault, the problem is
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