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Toxicology I need to understand the vast quantity of reasons that animals are continuously being used in the field of toxicology, or drug testing to research the production of over the counter and prescribed drugs. 1. Significance of animals in the science of toxicology. a. What are commonly used animals for testing? i. Rats, mice, and other rodents. ii. Dogs and cats make up small percentage. b. How exactly has animal research helped you and your family? iii. Provided vaccination for a number of viral diseases such as Polio, and Mumps. iv. Assisted with the advancement in management of epilepsy. v. Prevention and treatment for birth defects. c. What would life be without animal testing? vi. No Chemotherapy vii. Polio would cripple and kill thousands of unvaccinated children and adults. viii. No medicine to assist with high blood pressure- higher percentage of heart attacks and kidney failures. d. What is the importance of animal testing for the greater good of animals? ix. Millions of common house pets and farm animals would have died from diseases such as rabies and feline leukemia. x. As a result of animal testing almost 200 different diseases are now preventable. xi. Treatment of fractures xii. Dental Care e. Pros and Cons xiii. Pros: 1. Assists in finding vital drugs and treatments. 2. Helps determining a safe an efficient drug dosage for humans. 3. Other methods are not as successful because animals a close match to humans allowing for very precise and accurate data. xiv. Cons: 4. Animals are kept in captivity and killed. 5. Costly, as it costs a lot of money for the animal’s food and sheltering.

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