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Narrative Writing Essay

  • Submitted by: KRISH22
  • on December 2, 2013
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The stage was deserted; empty without a soul. I nervously tugged on the ruby red satin curtains and peeped at the stage, as I saw the bulging eyes of the audience filled the room with horror. Sweat dripped off the palms of my hands, I wipe the puddle of stench on my thighs. It was time.
“Please put your hands together for Amy Carter” sang the announcer.
I anxiously dragged my shoes across the creaking wooden floor as my head was sunk below.
As I stepped on the stage, I apprehensively looked around the never-ending rows of restless people, behind was a long trail of a crowd looking like a cluster of tiny ants huddled together. BANG! The door slammed shut; a colony crawled in. My eyes met with my nemesis Julie Parker. She smirked at me, then glimpsed over to her friend and nodded simultaneously. The cackle of their laughter echoed throughout the room. A shiver rushed through my spine. I began to panic...
“He...He...Hello, my” I stuttered, “name is Amy Carter” I spoke rapidly, as I sighed in relief.
“Was it over?” I thought to myself.   Eventually I came back into reality as I realised this doom was not over. I began to rhythmically tap my finger on my leg, but I still could remember what to say next. I heard a wave of murmurs from the audience whilst they scuttled and shuffled around. My mouth was dry like the Sahara Desert. My eyes widened as I glanced at a crippled man drinking a bottle of water. Something came over me, what was happening?
My eyes met with the freakishly large art teacher; her name was Ms Christaferou. Her eyes were a deep ocean blue; I felt her eyes piercing through my body.   I rapidly looked down to my feet, when I remembered the morning I met Ms Christaferou.
The classroom was cold and silent, not a word to be heard. An eerie breeze entered from the half open door. There was a chill in the air. The mahogany furniture was highly polished, the desk was spotless. Not a speck to be found to the naked eye. Her precious pens were place,...

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