Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Analysis

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Narratives of the life of Frederick Douglass Frederick Douglass Narratives of the life of Frederick Douglass is a auto biography written by Frederick Douglass, to give you the true and most vivid mental images of what it really was to be a slave. This autobiography made me tear up in some if not all chapters or all 58 pages. This book helps you realize how slavery was just plain and simply the most unfair, painful, depressing, and unrighteous thing and one can endure let alone try and overcome. Frederick Douglass was one of the few super intelligent and fearless former slaves who could use his surroundings to not only help himself but also to later on help the ones still in bondage. Its really messed up how slaves and colored people…show more content…
Even though whites were looked at as the superior race because of slavery, there was still a difference between poor whites and rich whites. That’s the impression I got from him about justice difference between black and people of color and whites. Fredrick Douglass would agree with the statement, “ No one can be enslaved if they have the ability to read, write and think. I feel as if only someone who cannot think for him or her self can be enslaved. Frederick Douglass was a man of using his mind. He took the opportunity to be tutored by Mrs. auld . at the age of 7 she didn’t tutor him anymore, he still thought of a way to learn how to learn through the little white boys he gave some of his food to. The fact that at 12 years old he read a book on his own without anyone telling him and was against for him or any slave for that matter. He read it, it wasn’t anything positive bit it still was something that he could not unlearn and was a rude awakening to his situation, but he didn’t give up. Those who do not think and can’t read or write still have no clue about how sad their situation is. Yes they get that it sucks, but they don’t fully understand it. If you keep one of all learning you can
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