Narrative Of The Life Of Frederick Douglass Argumentative Essay

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Christina Miller Sian Sloan English 1A 3 April 2013 Argument and Persuasion In reading the book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass: An American Slave, the author Frederick Douglass describes the physical and psychological hardships of his journey from slavery to freedom. Douglass’s narrative takes place before the Civil Rights Movement, and he shares many personal stories of how African-Americans were slaves and treated like property owned by white people. In this book, he clearly states how much he detested slavery and how he felt it should be abolished. As a baby, Douglass was taken from his mother to destroy the natural bond he would otherwise share with her. Douglass writes of how he was beaten and overworked in all weather conditions and all hours’ day or night. He tells the story of the burdens he endured as a result of being educated. It was very difficult for him to know that the abolishment of slavery was going on in the North while he was stuck in the terrible circumstances of being a slave in the South. Throughout this book, Frederick Douglas argues that slave holding was dehumanizing to both slaves and slave owners. He demonstrates this by writing about the brutal whipping he both experienced…show more content…
Douglass got the message across that slavery was dehumanizing to both slaves and slave owners. His story made a huge impact on today’s society and has inspired many people on how dehumanizing slaver is, including myself. The sad fact is that various forms of slavery still exist today, whether it is young girls being sold into white slavery or African children being forced to work in the diamond minds. I believe the primary objective of our civilization should be to eliminate all forms of slavery. If we can accomplish this in the near future, Douglass’s work will have an even greater meaning than it does
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