Narrative Intervention of Bob in Book Boys of Blood and Bone

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Narrative intervention The Aftermath Boys of Blood and Bone The physical demands of farm life were a job, but it takes Bob’s mind off the crude memories he endured during the war with Andy and Darcy. While cleaning out the septic tank, the smell reminded Bob of being stuck in the trenches under heavy fire for weeks surrounded by decaying bodies. Since being back from the war, Bob has been sleep deprived due to nightmares of the horrific bloodshed he had faced. Now he always kept a gun under his pillow. Every morning at exactly 0400 hours he would get dressed and pray for Andy and the men lost in that battle. Today he had a different kind of battle confronting himself and Darcy. They had decided to go together to Cecelia’s house, hoping that this conflict will be resolved peacefully. They stood on a cleanly swept veranda, edging towards the door with their hearts racing. Bob went first, how will she take the news? That was all that rattled through their minds. Cecelia answering the door was very confronting, her face showed grief and despair but they were relieved that she took them in with open arms. She embraced Bob and Darcy as if they were Andy. Bob felt the tears trickling onto his cotton shirt. They started talking about how she’s coping without him. She was so wretched, so distraught. Cecelia told them that a young impregnated girl had appeared on her doorstep looking for Andy. She had a good idea who she was, and by the way she talked about Andy. Bob and Darcy decided to give her the diary. As soon as she saw it, she burst into tears once again realising Andy was gone. His body and soul were someplace else. Bob and Darcy left respectfully with the diary on the kitchen bench. It had come to mind that Cecelia was not the only person who wanted answers, Frances Jane left bearing a child fending for herself. Bob and Darcy’s’ next stop is

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