Narrative Essay: the First Impression on Your Writing Teacher

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My writing teacher made me scare on the first day of the semester. I’m not good at writing skill that I’m really stressed every time I come to writing class. My awful times just began when the teacher came into class. He seemed to be very strict from the first sight I saw him. He told us about the rule such as students could not attend in class after he was in class, how he would marked the scores if students do not do right in the test. Then, he started the lesson right after introducing the textbook that we have learned in this semester. He didn’t introduce himself nor got time to know about our class. I thought that it was not a good way to impress people especially to students. He pushed us to do the task and answered his questions after few minutes. I was nervous while he was calling names for answering, in fact, I relief after each name was called but not me. The atmosphere in the class was as stressful as same as me. I counted every single minute to the break time. I found the sight of happiness when the bell rang. I felt like I was released from the terrible place. However, I could not feel comfortable as usual. In spite of using time for relaxing, I used all the break time for asking friends some difficult questions to complete the answers. I gained some confident after I perfectly completed the answer. In actual fact, I worried more after the break time. He let us to self-read then we have to write the introduction for the topics which he just listed on the board. At first I thought that it would be easy to right few sentences; however, it was not as I thought. I hardly wrote some words down. He gave us few minutes before he checked the class-work. I could not finish in time. He made me stressed out; I even could not write any complete introduction. While he was calling name, my heart beat fast under the pressure. Luckily, it was nearly the suitable time

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