Narrative Essay: Second Appearance In Court

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Randy Perry 9/3/08 Essay We have managed to survive the two weeks without water, gas and electricity until our second appearance in court, which was difficult. The daily chore of carrying water upstairs was always strenuous, especially to the sixth floor. The biggest problem was the stress of the constant fear of break-ins. At night when we were sleeping, any noise would bring us awake, ready trouble. The street was always noisy and we had frequent false alarms. We didn't sleep well, so it was a relief that things would be resolved soon. The night before our court date I reviewed the plan one more time for the strike committee. In the event the judge decides against us, we don't make any threats or demands in court. We'll return to…show more content…
Boosie was in charge of the front door group and talked to them. They said, “we've got eviction notices for the tenants.”Boosie says, “you are not coming in.” The two marshals kicked the door hard and hurt his foot in the process. His partner rammed it with his shoulder with no success. They stood there cursing and complaining. The marshal turned to his partner and says “this place is a looney place. Let's go to the precinct and let the cops take care of this.” A couple of minutes later we heard sirens and we were ready. Five to six squad cars pulled up, sirens blaring, lights flashing. Led by a big belly Sergeant, who knocked on the door. Boosie told him to get away from door. Sergeant told his men to cut traffic off and get him an ax to cut the door down. They began to knock the door down but they found out that a solid metal and wood door was behind it that wouldn't break. So the Sergeant went back to his squad car and got on the radio to talk to his superiors. He didn't look happy about his orders when he came back to the door. He says “I've been instructed to inform you that we'll return in the morning. If you don't open door when we arrive, we'll force an entry and arrest everyone on the

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