Narrative Essay On Returning Back To College

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Returning Back to School Sabrina Parks Eng121 Ms. Sara Hinton April 11, 2011 Returning Back to School What are the essentials of having a great, prosperous life? Most people have a general idea or dream of how they would like their lives to be. However, there's hard work that comes with converting those dreams into a reality. It's like I had a revelation. I had just come from work and as I was watching television, the host of the show asked, "Are you living or just existing?" I realized that my life wasn't going anywhere and my job was not bringing in the income that I needed to live a more comfortable life. In the meantime, I began looking for a better job. However, all of the positions I was interested in required a degree. So I made up my mind to return to school to pursue my degree. Returning back to school gave me a great feeling. All I could think about is how earning my degree would change the quality of my life. I was never a big-headed person that wanted to live beyond the "normal standards". All I wanted in life was to have an income that would…show more content…
I found my motivation to be personal and the necessity was the reality. I really believe in the power of an education. Being that mothers are the head of household, most of the time, I want my children to look at me as a role model. I have to prove to myself and my family that earning that "piece of paper", after all of this time, would change the course of my life in such an apparent way. It is a proven fact that earning a degree will open doors for me in the future. I will have the career that I have always dreamt of. Once I start my career my finances will become more abundant and stabilized; It will give me the empowerment to provide a better life. So, when I think of the essentials to have a great and prosperous life, returning back to school to complete my degree is definitely the first place to

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