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English 101 October 29, 2008 When I was in high school my friends would make jokes about the Marching Band, my friends would say that it was so much easier than other activities. For example; chess, quiz bowl, basketball and even football. They never played an instrument, nor marched while playing one. They never took the time out of their day to see how hard playing an instrument and marching in rhythm and in sync with other band members, really are. My mom had just dropped me and my sister Kristina of at the North Branch High School by the band parking lot. The air was cool and refreshing. The breeze was perfect for marching or really anything you would have in mind for outside. I walked up to the school door to go to the band room…show more content…
Has I got to the bleachers I walked up and sat at the very top of them. I saw a man that appear to be in his late 50’s and was round has a pumpkin and had salt &pepper hair. I thought he looked filamilar but could not figure out who he was so I walked up to him and notice that it was Mr. Ehardt. Mr. Ehardt the band teacher for all of North Branch Schools. I said hi and we chatted for a bit and then he started the practice. The North Branch Marching band contains of: the condtor, the drum majors, instruments players, drum line and the color guard. Then the band member lined up in four lines and about twenty across. The practice contains of stretches, marching and playing the scales while marching all together as one. If one person made a mistake like getting off foot or play the wrong scale’s. They would have to start all over from the beginng. The band teacher and the drum major can have them restart has many time as they want. I lost count after 15, it seem to me that he want to drill into it heads. I bet you, no, no, I know the time they get done the just felt like going home and taking a nap. After, that they got into their individual groups. Like, saxophone in one group, clarinets in another group, color guards in one too and etc. They worked on their music and marching skills. If you did not already know different instruments have different music and marching

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