Narrative Essay Grendel's Mother

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Grendel’s Mother I reside in the darkest of all places, deep underwater in a land unsettled by mortals. Seldom do I leave my shadowy domain, although my son often ventures out to converse with the humans above the surface. I always warn my son, Grendel, to be cautious when interacting with humans because they have a tendency to misinterpret our actions. I never spend more than a few minutes outside of our secluded home for fear of causing an incident, but today I fear the worst has happened to my child. Grendel went out this morning and still hasn’t come back. His supper is growing cold and it’s very unusual for him to miss a meal, so I suppose I will go out to check and see what is halting his return. I ready myself for the trip up to the main world. As I float closer to the swamp’s surface I see the stars reflecting in the murky water. Finally, I rise from the water and slump onto the muddy shore. Something is not right. Vultures circle above and the smell of new death pollutes the air. I trek a few steps into the forest to see what creature has met its unfortunate demise, and I am rattled with shock as I come upon the mutilated corpse of Grendel lying stiff on the ground! My poor son! What demons could possibly be capable of such bloody, merciless cruelty? When Grendel left this morning he planned to only hunt for a short while and then make a trip to visit Herot, the nearby settlement of humans. No animal in this realm would dare bring harm to Grendel, and none would even be capable of such destruction - although, the Danes are known for their outright rowdiness and their willingness to brawl. I decide I should inquire to find out if any of Herot knows about Grendel’s undeserved murder. So with that I begin the trip to the Danish Herot. I reach the gates just as the sun is coming over the horizon. The huge metal doors are torn apart, and the streets shine

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