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Narrative Essay About Love

  • Submitted by: Rus99
  • on November 23, 2011
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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The Most Beautiful Thing

It begins with a four letter word that people all over the world are in search of.   Love is a great power that makes life so important.   I believe that without love people can’t live in this world.   Most people have already met a love of their own, but lots haven’t found such happiness yet.   I know seven days isn’t a long time, but I believe I found “someone” who is my equivalent in life.   I met her last Sunday through a friend of mine at my favorite sports bar Kelly O’Brian’s.   He told me he had woman for me to meet, I quickly asked for a picture but it came through blank.   My friend Brian doesn’t exactly know what I like in a woman so I was going at this blind.  
Showering in record time, cleaning the sweat and grim off my body from a day’s work of moving furniture in attempt to be presentable to an unknown female.   When I first saw her I was worried as I carry my emotions on my face and was extremely exhausted and perturbed from my early morning events.   She smiles and shakes my hand introducing herself as Geneva. I smile back and introduce myself as well.   We both sat down opposite of the room from each other.   I’m nervous as can be as I’m a shy person and never know how to open up a conversation to the opposite sex.  
Physical attributes of the female body are not the most important features to me. It’s what you have in your heart and soul and are willing to offer, but don’t get me wrong some attributes are needed.   As I sit across the room sipping on my ice cold beer in attempt to provide some sort of relief to my exhaustion, I catch the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen to date.   I sit and gaze as she converses about football with my friend and friends who are attempting to “hook us up” only to think how her lovely smile stirs my sleeping soul.  
I continue to analyze and prepare my next move but there wasn’t a place to sit in this jam packed sport bar.   Finally it’s half-time and everyone steps out to get fresh air.   I...

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