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Caitlin Kaufman English 1- 3rd Hour Mrs. Gannaway 18 March, 2011 Asthma Serious or Not? The Story of My Search “It's so hard for me to breathe” come from a song by Jordin Sparks called “No Air.” It really describes asthma patients and I want to know more about asthma. I started researching and I thought I did pretty well. I am starting to find a lot about asthma that I did not know before. I found some causes and what triggers asthma. Many of the causes are the same and I did not know that. Some of the causes do not have to deal with my asthma, but they deal with everyone else’s. I thought next day was pretty much the same as yesterday. I found some more stuff about asthma, but most of it was the same. I found more medicines to treat asthma that I did not know before. I am still finding more stuff about asthma. I found some more causes but most of it is the same. Some of the medicines are what I use every day, but some people have to use it more often, such as, every twelve hours. I am still getting a lot accomplished but it feels like I am doing the same thing over again. I feel like I am not learning anything new now. The books do not give any new information about asthma and I want to know all I can about asthma. Most of the things I am reading have to deal with the causes and all the books say the same thing. I tried to find new information but most of it was the same. Luckily I found some more facts in an encyclopedia and that has helped a bunch. I now feel like I know a lot about asthma and I can have a better perspective when it starts affecting me. I now know I must stay calm if my airways are closing and I have to have the help of family and friends when something like that happens. I continued to read more about asthma and what surgeries may happen. I found out that because of asthma, you may have to get surgery on your lungs. I also found

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