Kaak Pandir Short Story

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The wind blew strongly, out at sea while Pak Pandir is still fishing. He was unaware with his surroundings. Until the wind makes the waves dance wild-ly. At that time, he was struggling to keep his boat stable. Or else, the boat will flip and the fishes which he spend days to catch go back into the sea. Suddenly, the waves come and hit his boat harshly. Pak Pandir lost control over his boat and that caused his boat to flip. All of his captured fish for the day goes back into the sea; as well as Pak Pandir. Pak Pandir was lucky because he was fast enough to be able to grab his boat before his boat sunk down. After he flip his boat back to normal, he hop into the boat. But he can’t do anything because the oars is nowhere to be seen. He

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