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Yepes 1 Laura Yepes Ms. Johnson English 1010 S13 February 12, 2015 The Dream that came true When I was a small kid, I dreamed of traveling to the United States. I had the age of 13 when my father traveled to this country, since then one of my dreams began to realize. I felt joy when I received a call on a Tuesday morning, of course my mother was the one who answered that call, we were in the room at that moment, I really wanted to be the speaker of that phone. My mother kept saying humming words; at the end of the call, I asked my mother about that the call, she began to speak with an accent like a person from Spain; It was so funny and yet so exciting after much teasing. My mother tolled me that we had to go to the American embassy to receive the visas. Well apart from that joy, there was something I did not remember and it was that I did not go to school for getting up late an hour. I woke up, I took a shower and have breakfast. While sitting on the edge of my bed and playing my guitar, but at the same time thinking about so many dreams and goals that I wanted to meet then, suddenly comes to my mind as how would my life change Yepes 2 everything, language, culture and other things; concludes that I had to find out for myself and had to make this important goal a reality. That day, to be more specific on Tuesday, June 12, 2012, had to have led a project to my school, this project was a paint of dreams, where I had to have drawn the short term a few dreams to come true . My drawings were an airplane, the flag of the United States of America, a car and my family. That picture had to stay in my room and in front of my bed, so that every day I got up, looked at it and think about those dreams. The days passed, being in my school, I wanted to tell all my friends to finally that my dream is coming shortly; but there was something that we all Colombians

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